11 Must-Have Beauty Products

Hey Guys! This week I bring to you another beauty post! Let’s get started.

I began using beauty products during the prime of many Youtube beauty gurus, way back when I was a freshman in high school. Although the videos were helpful, I didn’t really gain experience and knowledge until I began testing out products for myself.

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Five years have passed since I began my makeup journey, and now I’d like to share with you what I’ve learned. Here are my top 11 must-have beauty products:

Heat Protectant

1—Heat Protectant. Heat protectant is so important for those of you who use hair styling tools like hair straighteners, curling wands, and even hair dryers. Even if you only use these styling tools once or twice a month, it is still worth using heat protectant to prevent your hair from heat damage. Heat damage can cause dry hair, split ends, and dullness, so always remember to add this step to your hair-care routine to keep your hair shiny and healthy!

Foundation Primer

2—Foundation Primer. No one likes it when it seems like their foundation slid off their face by the end of the day. A foundation primer like the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer smooths skin and blurs flaws before you even get to applying your makeup, and allows your makeup to stick better! Many report that the Smashbox primer made their makeup application flawless and allowed their foundation to blend more easily. There are many different primers out there such as color correcting, hydrating, mattifying, and even illuminating. For a long-lasting makeup look, always use primer. It’s one must-have you’ll never regret using!

Must-Have Foundation

3—Long Lasting Foundation. For anyone who uses foundation, a long-lasting foundation is a must-have. If you’re going to wear foundation, you might as well make it easier on yourself by buying one that will last you all day through all your errands and tasks. Foundation also makes it easier to cover any blemishes or imperfections you may have on your face. With a long-lasting foundation, there’s no need to keep looking in the mirror to see if you need to re-apply or touch up your makeup!

Foundation Mixer

4—Foundation Mixer. Have you ever had a problem finding the right foundation shade? Is the closest always a shade too light or a shade too dark? Well not anymore! A foundation mixer like the Nyx Pro Foundation Mixer, makes your custom foundation shade just a mix away. Nyx Cosmetics offers six different mixers designed to adjust the tone, shade and finish of any liquid foundation, resulting in a truly perfect match!

Source: Walmart

5—Blending Sponge. While some prefer brushes, others prefer sponges – to blend of course! For beginners, blending sponges are definitely easier, and their unique shape and material allows for easy, streak-free application with minimum product waste. A blending sponge can be used with primers, foundations, powders, cream blushes, and any other complexion product. Think twice when thinking about whether to use a brush or a sponge; a sponge may just save you a little more time and product!

Must-Have Powder

6—Mattifying Powder. You’ve probably heard more times than you can count now that it’s very important to set your makeup. For those of you with oily or even combination skin, a mattifying powder works best. This long-lasting pressed powder from Rimmel London is all you need to stay shine free all day!


7—Bronzer. It’s summertime here in the USA, and many of us pale girls are wanting to blend in a bit more. The Hoola Bronzer from Benefit Cosmetics offers a healthy natural-looking “tan” year-round with it’s pure matte award-winning bronzing powder. And before you ask, yes, you can hop on the contouring train with the rest of us because this matte bronzer is great for contouring as well!

Cheek & Lip Stain

8—Two-in-One Cheek and Lip Stain. When you’re on the go and prefer to have as few products as possible to take along with you, a two-in-one cheek and lip stain is a definite must-have. The beauty of this type of product is that when applied correctly, it goes unnoticeable as makeup. When going for a natural look, it’s always best to match your cheek stain/blush with your lip color. Moreover, what’s better than an easy and effortless look?! For more examples of this type of product, check out Benefit Cosmetics which offers three unique cheek and lip stain colors to make your makeup routine a tad bit easier!

Must-Have Eyeshadow

9—Shimmery Champagne Eyeshadow. Besides white eyeliner on the inner corners and waterline of your eyes, shimmery eyeshadow can also make you look more awake and alive, and help any of you out there with eyelid discoloration. Whether you put it all over your lid, or just on the inner corners of your eyes, shimmery champagne-colored eyeshadow does wonders! Just ask anyone who uses it!


10—Mascara. While I personally don’t use mascara on a daily basis, I have learned over the years that it can make or break a makeup look. Wearing mascara can make your eyes stand out, and even make those with short and fair lashes feel more confident. For those of you with light eyes who want a natural look, go for a brown mascara so as not to make the mascara seem overpowering. For those of you still dipping your toes in the makeup pool, wear clear mascara! There’s not always a need for thick black mascara when all you need is a little help. For those of you who are not afraid of being bold, feel free to use the darkest black mascara you can find!

Must-Have Dry Shampoo

11—Dry Shampoo. Last on my list is another hair product – Dry Shampoo. Washing your hair too frequently can not only strip your hair of its natural oils, but also cause split ends, dry scalp, and even greasier hair, among other problems. You can learn more about hair-care in last month’s post. Dry shampoo soaks up the excess oil and grease in your hair, giving it a cleaner, fresher appearance. Not only that, there are some pretty great smelling dry shampoos out there if you ask me. It’s like perfume for your hair! My personal favorite out of all the ones I have tried is the TRESemmé Fresh Start Volumizing Dry Shampoo. Consider adding this product to your hair-care routine to give your hair a wash break!

So, what are your must-have beauty products? Let me know in the comments!


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