To Fashion Majors With Doubts In Their Liberal Arts College Choice: Advice

In my previous college post, you found out my preferences for my ideal college, as well as the college I finally ended up choosing to attend. I was super stoked about starting the next chapter of my life and finally being able to study what I’ve always wanted. But throughout my freshman year, I began to have some doubts about my decision.

Let’s recap: two major academic aspects that were important to me included being able to take Italian courses and being able to learn both the creative and business aspect of the fashion industry.  

Upon entering Mercyhurst, I found out that Italian is no longer offered at the institution. “There goes that dream,” I thought. But if you want something, you must work for it and find your way around the obstacles. So – Florence, Italy here I come, because Spring 2018FUA I’ll be studying at the Florence University of the Arts!! To make learning even a little bit easier, I decided to stay in a homestay with an Italian family! Currently I am learning on my own through Duolingo to get a head start.1467203295_Duolingo1.jpg

This past semester, I also found out that the sewing course aka fashion construction is no longer being offered either. You can imagine how I felt when I found out. I’ve always wanted to learn how to make a garment, even if it is a simple t-shirt or dress. I know I could learn on my own, but I truly did want to learn in a course I’d receive credit for.

At some points, I had wished I had chosen my other top choice. But again, I found my way around the obstacle. See, Mercyhurst has a Visiting Student Program with FIT. While again, I am not a huge fan of the city, even NYC, I have to accept and face the fact that my future job may be in NYC some day. If it is, maybe the city will grow on me, who knows.

Anyways, students who attend FIT their junior OR senior year, will not only receive a BS from MU, but an AAS from FIT! Having FIT on my resume will also be a plus. Through this program, I’d get to have the experience of both a liberal arts school, and art school, as well as experience the “classic” college campus, and a city campus. Can’t wait for senior year!

I also decided that after I complete my undergrad, I will not jump into a Master’s program right away, but rather I will take a One-Year Associate’s Degree Program in Fashion Design! Well, that’s my goal at least. Although my education plan will no longer last 5 years, but more, at least I’ll be learning what I’ve always wanted to learn to achieve my dreams. As i mentioned in my previous post, you can check out my current degree plans in my about me page.

The point of this blog post was to let you know that there will always be a way around the obstacles. If you, like me, chose to study at a liberal arts college, rather than an art school, and upon entering the program found that it wasn’t what you expected, do some research, and see if your school has any affiliations with other fashion schools. Take a course over the summer at a purely fashion-based institution, and do what you can to make up for what you were deprived of. It is up to you to achieve your goals in life, so don’t let a discontinuation of a course on your campus affect that!

See you in my next post! #neverstopdreaming !!


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