The Instagram Aesthetic

I’ve had my Vida de Pearl Instagram up and running for a little while now. I began by posting photos I thought had a great aesthetic to them. However, after doing some research, I realized that although my photos have their own aesthetic to them, there really is no overall aesthetic. There is no visual cohesiveness, aside from how at one point I posted many black and white photos.

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The Instagram aesthetic is extremely important when it comes to those who view your feed. In simple terms, people like pretty things. Most times, anything that isn’t visually attractive will scare people away.

An Instagram aesthetic is the theme trying to be achieved on a feed. Many Instagrammers have a white theme, a blue theme, a dark theme, a pink theme, and even neon/bright theme such as that of Alisha Marie on Youtube.


As I further build my Instagram portfolio, I will keep in mind to use the same filters/edits for the majority of my posts. While it is hard in the beginning, taking into consideration where a photo was taken and in what light, can help you determine what kind of edits to put on your image.

You may think that editing a photo or adding a filter will make it look fake and over-edited, but in many cases it just enhances the beauty in the photo, and it certainly helps when you don’t have access to great lighting.

Here are a couple photos before and after editing:

I edited these photos on VSCO. I added a filter, lessened the strength, and played around with five things: Exposure, Contrast, Saturation, Temperature, and Tint. Even just by changing these aspects to +1 or -1 can make a big difference on your photos.

Photo editing apps such as VSCO can allow you to save images in an Instagram-like grid and view your photos as they would be viewed on your Instagram feed. By allowing you to plan your future posts in advance and see what photos look well with others, you’ll be one-step closure to having a cohesive Instagram theme. It’s definitely my favorite editing app.


My second-favorite app is Snapseed. It allows for image tuning on individual areas, which can really benefit you if you’re going for a theme that has a pop of color in each photo.


Life with Me by Marianna Hewett is a lifestyle blog I recently stumbled upon, and I found this really informative blog post on how to have a cohesive Instagram theme.

Check it out for more inspiration!

Join me on my Instagram journey here!

Happy Instagramming! signature1

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