Welcome to Vida de Pearl, where I share my life with you!


A person has so many thoughts buzzing around in their head, and sometimes they don’t know quite how or to whom to share their thoughts with.

Writing has been a pretty good outlet for me, and I have plenty of thoughts buzzing around in my head. I figured I’ll share them here, on the World Wide Web, with whoever is interested.

A while back, I began my Instagram page. It was titled magsfashion_lifestyle, while I figured out what I wanted my feed to look like. I’ve wanted to have a blog for the longest time, but never quite had the time or motivation to create one and put time and effort into it. Now, the time has come. I want to share with the world my passion and love for art, fashion, and giving advice. My Instagram name is officially vida_de_pearl, as well as my other social media, linked at the bottom right of this page. Here on this blog, I’ll post about topics ranging from fashion & beauty, to college life and travel reflections.

I can’t wait to begin this next chapter of my life, and hope you will join me!

Stay tuned for more posts, and enjoy!signature1

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